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Privacy policy

Innovations Modular Systems ensures that the information provided by you on our Website remains confidential and secure. We highly respect the privacy of our users and we abide by all the rules and regulations related to data privacy.

Any information you share with us, for example, your contact details or your personal responses or preferences are not shared with any other business, service or anyone else whatsoever.

We do respect and value you sharing any information with us, whether it be through Website, Email Newsletters, WhatsApp or Payment Gateways.

How Secure Are My Payment Details Entered Or Shared On This Website?

Website: Our Website has a SSL Certificate(‘https:’ in the website URL) which ensures all your transactions or communications with us remain secure and trustworthy.

How Confidential Is My Personal Information Or Private Responses Shared With Innovation Modular System?

Your Personal Information you enter in the forms on our Website like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number is completely safe and secure with us. We do not share it with any third party services or applications.

Nothing is shared with anyone in the organization nor with any other services.

For What Purposes Does Innovation Modular System Gather Information?

Any information we request from you, helps us identify you and your requirements better. The shared details can be looked into by the management to serve you appropriately.

Personal Information is gathered and used for any official communication with the Client, so the respected consultant can stay in touch and guide the client throughout the process accordingly.

We may use the personal information to share insightful newsletters or important updates regarding the new products, valuable information related to furniture, through Email/WhatsApp/SMS.

We may also use the details entered for official communication only after we have your consent for the same.

Do We Use Cookies On Our Website?

Currently, we are not using Cookies on our Website, but in future, should we choose to opt for it, Users will be notified on the Website, the moment they visit our Website.

We are glad you found us online and connected with us and therefore, we will ensure we do everything possible to protect the information you provide on the Website, Emails, SMS & WhatsApp.